KD Young Cocky’s “Take a Hit” Out Now


Via Karen Civil:

With a tremendous amount of success throughout the year, KD Young Cocky looks to close out strong and throws himself into the fourth quarter blitz of new releases with an impressive release in Take a Hit. Hailing from Southside, Chicago KD isn’t looking to be a member of the pack of artist emerging from the Midwest hip-hop hub, instead he is looking to lead it. The confidence in his effort and craft goes as far as him boasting that his new release is one of the better, if not best, from the city since Kanye West’s debut.

Check out the LP Below!




Check out the second single off of Radius’s new EP, “A Portal to Canis”, which can be purchased here! The video makes the viewer feel like they are on an “personal train ride” with Radius, and features “intimate views” of the artists nomadic touring.

Radius – Separated from 400 + on Vimeo.

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Vic Mensa Talks Art, Uggs, and Social Media with W Mag


Vic Mensa recently shot a campaign with Uggs on the southside. Afterward, he chopped it up with W Mag about why he doesn’t frequent twitter or insta, isin’t into television, as well as his thoughts on Donald Trump’s presidency. I especially like reading articles about Vic right now because you can tell there’s no real media training,  he always keeps it 100.

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The Boy Illinois Makes Tour Music for you to Jam to With “Memories”

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As if being on tour with the supreme lyricist Lupe Fiasco wasn’t enough work for one season, The Boy Illinois is simultaneously recording new music for the fans and recently released the track this week titled “Memories”, produced by Cartier Jones.

Since ridin’around wit’ my memories is one of my favorite things to do, you already i’m going to throw this one right into my commute and errand playlists. The production fades eerily in and out on the track as as The Boy Illi raps about money, success, and hittin’ licks like he never had a paypal...ahhh memories..

One thing’s for sure about TBI, he’s just getting warmed up, we’re eager to see what comes next. Check out the track below!

Chicago Native Rahkal Shelton Discusses Dreams Bigger Than Texas, a Memoir

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There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.
– Douglas H. Everett

Although the specialist in Thermodynamics wasn’t speaking about author Rahkal Shelton in the quote above, he very well could have been. The Chicago native, media specialist, and now author, has lived the epitome of a rags to riches (or at the very least well on the way to riches) fairy tale.  In her memoir, “Dreams Bigger Than Texas” the author struggles as a product of the inner city, struggling with poverty and growing up the daughter of parents who suffered from addiction. The book also documents the author’s adolescent coming of age. Through guidance from a higher power, dubbed “The Help” in the book, the author surpasses the goals her mother sets for her, to “not have any babies and get a GED”

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Party at Paseo Pop Up 

This weekend, join a gang of artists, including yours truly on the Tarot tip, at Paseo Pop Up Artist Gallery! 

I will personally be in attendance this Saturday, however, each days boasts some really great artists and vendors. Not to mention Sunday Mimosas!