From the Mag Mile to Wicker Park, Protesters March for #BrownFriday

Protestors urged shoppers not to participate in Black Friday shopping in response to the Ferguson decision. via NBC, “Protesters marching through Wicker Park in Chicago also made reference to the amount of time Brown’s body was in the street, saying they would stay out for more than four hours and ask people not to shop”.

Watching our city’s peaceful and forceful response to the Ferguson decision, and to the injustice of police brutality throughout this country is heart warming. Hopefully, we as a city come together to fight injustice more often, if we all collectively take a stand against the wrong doing of those in power, from great power to small, we can make a difference.

The success of the protest is largely in part due to Kristiana Colon, executive director of the #letusbeathe collective and daughter of 35th ward Alderman Rey Colon. Colon’s active Social Media presence and real time broadcasting of events as they unfolded on the scene in Ferguson back in August have been widely followed.


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