Community Driven, Punk Rocker Benefits from Fundraiser in Her Honor

Tiffany Dean, or T-Fanny, as she is affectionately called by her boss is described as a “straight edge, old school, punk rocker” as well as an extremely hard worker. The Security guard at the Double Door and Hairstylist, recently had to have an emergency hysterectomy and blood transfusion, that she couldn’t afford. In an effort to help Tiffany with her medical bills, her boss at the Double Door hosted the Tiffany is Fundamental Fundraiser in her honor, and helped raise 2,000 dollars for his employee.

Tiffany was born at Cook County Hospital during the Blizzard of 1978 and raised in Marquette Park, she moved to Logan Square in 1999 and describes herself as “anti-Public Aid.” (source) Tiffany also works as a Hairstylist at a Chicago Salon, clocking 70 hours a week, on top of being a single mother. The people who know her say she is community driven, and she is also Straight Edge, meaning she doesn’t do drugs or alcohol.

Click here to Donate to Tiffany’s Go Fund Me Campaign, and read more about her story here!


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