Lupe Back, Lupe Back.. Takes Crown


I can’t help but Stan a little bit on this post. I’ve been a Lupe Fiasco fan ever since Kanye was calling himself the Luis Vuitton Don. Being that I’ve always loved the Nas’s more than the Jay’s, my fave rapper in the Chi has always been more Lupe than Yeezus (not that I dont love Yeezus, but you get the picture). So, more than a lot of people, Lupe’s label issues really bugged me, because the music quality suffered greatly on the last two albums. Not sure what the deal is with Tetsuo, but, one thing is clear, and that is that Lupe’s back! .

Read more about (and listen to) his latest single, Madonna (and other mother’s in the hood) here! On a  side note, the beat was created by the same producer dude that did “Money Trees” and “Worst Behavior”


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