Hanging out in Uptown #Gettingshiftdone

Today i spent the day hanging out at The Shift in Uptown (4101 N Broadway), a new co-working space where visitors can “get shift done” (pun intended) without the distractions of working at home. The Shift is a cool alternative to working in a typical co-working space. Here, there are no commitments and membership fees required, a 4 hour “shift” costs 16 dollars during the week and 15 on the weekends, with a 10% discount given to students, faculty members, and employees of non-profits.

The Shift’s interior is minimal, comfortable, and efficient with great amenities. Fast Wi-Fi, Access to color printing, Exercise Balls, Yoga Mats, and Free Metropolis Coffee and Tea are just some of the great benefits of working here. Did I mention the free parking? That’s right, Shift is located on an un-metered block, which is basically unheard of on the City’s North Side.

The Shift’s owner, Nicole Vasquez is a huge proponent of local businesses and is super endearing. She strives to work with many businesses in the area, partnering up with them to supply free freshly made snacks from local bakeries to people utilizing the space and also allowing local businesses to promote their products at different events held here throughout the year. She hosts many different classes  on a variety of topics at only ten dollars a pop so that people who want to learn don’t have to break the bank to do so.

I was highly impressed with the space and the owner’s vision, and will definitely be coming back to participate in a class or event soon.  And also when I have to escape my two year old at home and get some work done.

Click here for a schedule of events!


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