IPAINTMYMIND Gives Businesses and Communities a Creative Boost


IPAINTMYMIND has a super cool business model, operating as a 50c3 not for profit, they fund FREE Art exhibitions at parks, libraries, community centers (areas where there is no budget for art shows), with revenue that is brought in by private exhibitions, (along with grants and donations) .

Evan LaRuffa, CEO of IPAINTMYMIND is striving to confront issues of access, affordability, and profitability in the Art World through IPAINTMYMIND and the Shared Walls program. Shared Walls sets up temporary exhibitions for businesses, that are aligned with the businesses Brand and Marketing, and uses the profit to fund a free exhibit in a community space that wouldn’t typically be able to afford it. These private exhibitions stay up for months, and the art sales revenue helps fund new ones in communities that cannot afford public art, in all of this, IPAINTMYMIND is also helping artists get paid, pretty genius (3-fer?).

In addition to Shared Walls, IPAINTMYMIND also has a Gallery (2545 W Diversey) where they host Monthly Exhibits. This Month’s event “Chicagoteria”, a Chicago-themed version of Loteria, the Mexican bingo game will be held this Thursday, 4/2 @greenexchange.


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