Images From Freedom Square

​A week or so ago I had the chance to visit freedom square, where activists and community members engage with one another through creative activities.The sq. Is an occupation in protest of police brutality, laws that enable protesters to be arrested without just cause, and Homan Sq. itself, a site notorious for scooping up citizens unlawfully and torturing them, as many citizens of the neighborhood and defense attorneys can attest to.  On the day I arrived I spoke with one of the members of the group named Jennifer and she showed me around the different tents that were set up within the camp, where police aren’t allowed. So far, it doesn’t seem that the police have tried to challenge this rule and Homan Sq. across the street, seems to be business as usual, according to sources the occupation has remained mostly peaceful since it began on July 20th.  #letusbreathe collective is responsible for the occupation along with members of BYP100. it’s uncle​ar how long they remain to stay, but considering the light they are shining on this under served area, let’s hope it’s for a long time. 


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