Takara Shop in Oak Park Embodies Structure, Femininity

Yesterday in Oak Park I was lamenting the fact that the Reiki and Crystal shop I wanted to visit was closed. As I walked back back to my car, I glanced into a little boutique near the closed shop, when a pair of Uber fashionable glasses on a stunning looking woman caught my eye through the window. I walked in, and was excited to find not only some dope pieces, but also, that those pieces were manufactured by the owner, an impressive woman named Takara, herself. 

Typically when one walks into an indy boutique, they are inundated with items designed by other people. The fact that Takara herself was manufacturing her designs under her own brand name was super cool to me. As we talked some more, I learned that Takara has quite a history with design. She worked with Ebony and Spiegel in the 90s, on a fashion catalogue titled Estyle  She also once designed 40,000 earrings for Sears! 

While in the store Takara actually found a pair of earings she designed for Estyle in the 90s being sold on Ebay, how rad to see something you created decades ago still relevant. . Before leaving the store I grabbed a super cool structural bracelet/necklace/whatever you twist it into.

Check out two cool ways to wear it, one on my hand, and one on Takara’s neck below! 

Takara’s designs interestingly remained feminine and fluid with a sturdy structural integrity. Check out Takara’s website  or just pop into the store on Harrison st, to see more of her designs! 


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