#NowPlaying Lord Haiti “On My Soul”

Real, Chi-Town, West side, Playa shit.. the introduction to Lord Haiti’s OMS is an accurate description of album’s vibe. 

Aside from being oh so Chi, the album has a surreal and dream like aspect to its production. Lord Haiti, is a producer, not a rapper, for those who didn’t know. His beats, carefully crafted to bump at 432hz, which correlates with not only the Chakra system (dope as hell for us spiritual warriors) but is also amongst other cool things, associated with the patterns of the universe, human DNA, gravity, and consciousness.  

Haiti, who came up under the Vibe Genre, which for the sake of brevity well call hip hop content over electronic beats, manages to flawlessly create a dreamscape where conscious lyrics reverberate effortlessly . All of the albums features are relative unknowns who nonetheless outshine some of the biggest names in hip hop, the female emcees bars in particular went oh so hard. Clearly the producer knows how to spot talent as well as he can make a beat. And for all its consciousness the album remains true to the streets of chicago, through a coming of age lense. 

Although, not from Haiti, the artist is an avid believer in the Haitian saying Unity Builds Strength, and has nothing but respect for the country’s Warrior spirit, and the fact that they are rich in resources and have a history of rebellion, not to mention the that the founder of the chi was in fact, Haitian. Lord Haiti, is definitely an unsung warrior on the Chi-music scene, but definitely not for long if he keeps churning out bangers. 


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