Chicago Photographer Documents Hop Moments in “Headliners”

Chicago Photographer Jamel Cos-g Hewitt has been on the scene for a minute, and lucky for us, he documented some extremely notable hip-hop moments in Chicago and beyond, compiling them in a new book titled “Headliners”.  The book retails for 9.99 on Amazon, and is a must-read for fans of Hip Hop and the Windy City. Fun Fact: Pugz Atoms designed the cover art!

Via Amazon

Headliners is a photo book that captures the essence of the Hip Hop culture in it’s purist form. Starring some of the most groundbreaking artists from Chicago and worldwide. This is a story of a photographer’s journey through epic events and milestone moments. This book features some of the most popular Dj’s, tastemakers, musicians, emcees, vocal and visual artist as well. From Russell Simmons to Chance the Rapper this book is filled with colorful characters that represent the urban culture. This is a magnificent conceptual art piece. Cos captures amazing photos of some of the greatest performing artist. Vic Mensa, Wu-tang, De La Soul, & The Roots just to name a few. Added with remarkable street fashion and style the culture is preserved and documented in this photo book.



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